Putting On A Show For My Peeping Tom

Exhibitionist Phone sexThe last few days I’ve been feeling that I was being watched but couldn’t find any watchful eyes around  until yesterday. I was in my room and had opened the door to let the breeze in while I was getting undressed. I walked around a bit naked when I got the feeling someone was watching me. I thought maybe I was just getting really horny and wanted someone to watch me but I could tell someone’s eyes were burning into me. I went to my open window and I finally got a glimpse of a man’s head ducking down into the bushes. I smiled and grabbed a towel, I went out on to the back porch there was plenty of light thanks to the moonlight. I laid out my towel, I heard slight russling so I know he was still there. This way he can see a lot more then when I was just in my room. I sat down on the towel spreading my legs wide, using my fingers to play with my clitty. It felt so naughty putting on the little show for my perverted fan, I was so wet. I would get my fingers wet with me pussy and slowly suck and lick them clean. I could hear my watcher begin to pant. I got on my knees and turn around my big round ass up high as I reached back and teased my asshole. I heard a loud growl like sound I could tell he had cum and I looked over seeing someone running away. I got up to look behind the bushes and could see splats of cum on the leaves dripping down. I could help myself but to bend over and get a little taste. I wonder how he would have felt if he knew I was eating his cum he left behind.


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  1. quinten

    You could eat my cum any time

  2. Michael

    Wow, you are a dirty little whore babe

  3. Daniel

    Hot Peep Show I can see myself right there baby.

  4. travis

    youre so sexy babe

  5. Bob

    Fuck I wish I could have seen that

  6. Frank

    My cock enjoyed the show

  7. Xzander

    Very fuckable holes for me.

  8. Gage

    I need a dirty whore like you to talk to.

  9. Matt

    What a show!

  10. Dave

    I wanna ram that asshole with my big fucking cock

  11. Dick

    What a hot ass you have

  12. peter

    nice holes whore

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