Punishment For Bad Pet

Tranny Phone SexThis is one of My pets. He was a bad and now he is getting punished.  His dick will stay like that for at least three days.  But probably longer.  He hates to be feminized.  So that is exactly what I am doing.  Turning him into the bitch that he is acting like.  Everyday I will take pictures and post them on the internet Making sure to send links to all that I know.  Maybe then he will learn how to behave.  To obey.  To respect.  I am very strict  with My pets and bois.  The minute they step out of line I get angry and mean.  I turn into a sadistic tranny asshole.  Tomorrow he will be in full little girl dress.  With a 12 inch dildo in his ass.  An 8 inch dildo in his mouth.  Both dildos will stay there all day.  This pet will learn to not be a bitch!


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