Pull them down

BDSM phone sexBack in high school, I had a thing for older guys. I just liked guys who were a bit older, Like two times or even three times older than me. I got a job as a sitter for this family. I would wear my short shorts whenever he was home, and his wife was away. I had to watch the youngins while he was working in his home office. I got familiar with his breaks and when he would go off and have some tea in the kitchen. I would lounge in my bikini on the patio which was adjacent to the kitchen. He could see me when he was there. I liked catching his attention. I was not taking things slow. I would brush my busty teen tits on him. I would think about the nastiest things. I was imagining him taking control of me making me pull my panties down. I have always been into BDSM phone sex. I like the idea of giving a guy power and exploring that. I eventually got Mr. Scotty to crack. When he did, it was fun and a total thrill for me. I loved how in charge he was and how he would pump my pretty pussy till he filled me up. We weren’t done till he said so and I would be so sore the next day. I loved my job you can bet. 

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