Public Masturbation

Adult Phone ChatOne of the great perks of my job is, I get to buy all the sex products you can imagine and write them off!

Sometimes companies even send me experimental toys to test out!

So I find myself needing some new props, hand cuffs, remote control vibrators, that kind of thing…so I head to the adult store.

I was wondering around to see if there was anything new there when I saw this guy following me.

I wasn’t concerned. I am used to guys following me around. But this guy hand his cock in his hand. He was stroking himself right there in the store and he wasn’t even trying to hide it!

I have to admit, he had a pretty nice looking fuck stick.

My pussy started juicing right away.

It always gets me wet when a guy finds me attractive!

I noticed he had one of my movies in his hand and he was going to watch it in one of the booths.

He was so sweet that I just wanted to do something special for him so when he went in the both, I crawled in the booth next to him and left the curtain open.

I started rubbing my clit so he could see. He just stared and stroked his hard cock!

He was stroking so hard, I was afraid he was going to hurt himself!

I slid my fingers inside my wet little kitty  and licked my own sweetness off while he watched.

Then I pulled a new toy out and fucked myself good and hard! I told him that I needed him to cum for me. I told him that there was no way I was going to cum until he did!

Phone Sex

So there we sat on opposite benches, both masturbating as we watched each other!

My clit was so sensitive! I couldn’t hold back anymore! I was going to explode!

I closed my eyes and started squirting everywhere!

I felt warm juices splashing across my face and I thought they were my own but it was his yummy cream splattering on my tight cunt and tits!

We both came all over each other at the same time!

It was a perfect scene and no video camera in site!

After I cleaned up, I turned to get his name to see if maybe he wanted to do a scene with me for real but he was gone!

It was so perfect, I wonder if it was a dream!

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