Price to Play

Drugs phone sexI was so pissed today. I went and gave my drug dealer the best blow job ever. I licked that fuckers balls and everything. And the bag of candy he gave me in return is the weakest shit I have ever had. I think the asshole did it on purpose because he laughed when I called him on it. I had to get my release somehow so I called my little ones to the room and took turns stretching them out with my dildo. Watching their tiny pussies turn pink and stretch to their limits turned me on and had my cunt very moist. I couldn’t help but play with myself as I listened to their moans from my plastic cock penetrating them so deeply. Their cries got to be so loud that I made the one getting fucked eat the others pussy, that way the little cunts whimpers would be muffled by pussy lips. Fucking and punishing their asses was almost enough to make me remember that I wasn’t high. Tomorrow I’ll go fuck for some better stuff, and if it isn’t better I’ll just come fuck them up again.

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