Pretty Little Fuck Slave

slavery phone sex

I am your slavery phone sex whore. You know that I will submit to you anytime you need my slutty pussy. My ass is always secured with a butt plug and it is only removed when a cock or fist is fucking my ass.  I am whipped and spanked for your pleasure. I take the pain for you, Master!  I am gagged on this occasion because you want to hear my gurgled moans and that is only replaced with your dick or one of the men who has come to play with this subby whore. I become a ragdoll slut when being passed around and giving my ass to each man. I know your signals when its time to collect your cum in my slut pussy or gaped ass. The butt plug is thrown to the side and I am filled to each man’s nutsack until cum is squirting out of my ass. From my ass to my slave mouth, I take so much jizz and of course the biggest cum shots on tits! Give me that pulsating boner and I will submit and please. 

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