Pony rides

Fetish phone sex I love to dress up every where I go. Cos playing is much fun I enjoy it when I meet someone that enjoys it as much as me. I haven’t really had anyone in awhile to play along with me. Its almost like acting and I would love to act. I have been taking pictures of myself dressing up. I was super woman earlier, a cop, a naughty nurse and now i’m just being sexy for you waiting for a call. I am thinking about being a cow girl waiting to ride my pony (;

I want to be your cow girl that shows you how much I love to ride. Take off my clothing one piece  at a time, and enjoy my smooth, body that will have your dick standing so hard. Touch me softy , but grab me tight, kiss me sweet , but bite my lip, You make my mouth water,  just waiting for my lips to be wrapped around that pretty head. Shove it deep down my throat while I open your ass hole up with my fingers, 1 finger now two. Sucking hard while I massage that prostate for a few minutes. Then, jumping on that pony with my creamy wet pussy I start to ride and when I ride , I can ride as long as the pony lets me . I don’t stop, Grinding and tightening my pussy just for you. Now come, and take me on a ride really baby.

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