Playing Nurse

One of my pets is really scared of going to the doctor, so I decided to help him out.  I bought a cute little costume and pretended that I was a nurse.  I took all his vitals and he was growing nervous, so I told him, “If you’re really nervous, you can examine me if that would help.”  He unzipped my outfit and pressed my nipple to his cock.  “Just checking your pulse,” he said and smiled.  I nodded.  He said, “Now I need to take your temperature.”  I opened his mouth but he shook his head.  He pulled down my panties and took off my outfit, except for my hat.  He picked up one of my cold glass instruments and lubed it up.  He instructed me to get on my knees and then he reclined on the examination table.  He held his stiff cock to my bare pussy and told me that he was going to take my temperature two ways in order to make sure it was accurate.  He rubbed his yummy cock against my clit and used the excess lube on his hand to wet my opening.  Then, he pushed his big fat cock inside of me and began riding me.  He slapped my ass and I felt the cold glass against my asshole.  I shivered with wonderful sensations as he pushed it in my asshole.  He shot a huge load inside my warm cunt…in fact, so much cum, that it ran all the way to my asshole.  My holes contracted and I squirted, our cum mixing.  He smiled and told me that he couldn’t wait for his next doctor’s visit, but he much preferred to see his favorite nurse!

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