Play Time for a Daddy Search

It’s time to find a new baby daddy for some breeding phone sex fun. Willing applicants must call my line and pay for a call so we can get acquainted. You will need to disclose anything that might have an affect on my breeding. I will be accepting sperm donors as soon as tonight. I’m dying to get started.

It’s mothers day and this mother wants to be bred. I had an awesome day with my slutkin and her daddy. We have such a tight loving relationship despite not being together. We share our little princess and there is nothing like watching daddy and daughter bond. 

She is such a daddy’s girl and I promise my sperm donors are going to get a sweet treat if it entices you. You know what I’m referring to hot young bald pink pussy. That tight little hole your cock throbs to slide into. You should not deny the simple pleasures of the forbidden fruits in life. So stop hemming and hawing and ring me up!

 breeding phone sex

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