Piss Play Subby

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Slutty doll face piss play sub at your command tonight.  I am bound by your strong hands in chains.  My tits have been spanked a few times. You have dressed me as the perfect fuckdoll for your dominate power plays with me.  You slap me with you 8-inch cock across the face a few times. I am trying to get my mouth around it so I can give you the pleasure you deserve Master. When my lips make contact, you piss in my mouth and tell me to swallow it. I do as I am TOLD, and I can taste the tangy saltiness burning my throat.  I will do this because it pleases you to humiliate me. I will be your willing toilet whore slave anytime of day or night. I have been locked up for days without sight of you. I long for your cock. Finally, you shove my throat full of your cock and begin sliding deeper and harder into my aching throat. I am slurping and gulping for air. I love to please you in any way I can. You take your cock as you are about to lose your load and cum on the ground. You tell me that I am not good enough for your sperm. It is then you piss on my face again and lock me away. Master, is it time to play yet? It is so cold and dark and I miss your cock. I promise I will be a good girl for you.

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