Perfect ASS-istant

hot ass sexWhat a crazy month has it been. I can’t believe my pay pig cut me off. I was in distressed and worried about how would I ever get out of this mess. Daddy wasn’t going to spoil me anymore he had enough of me. I was bored and panicking and looking for a way to rank in some coins.

I read an ad that was looking for the perfect assistant. The assistant had to be reasonably young, Which I was 🙂 Check,

Next, the assistant had to wear lots of lingerie and follow orders. Up to this point, I was always the dominant sweet pay pig princess. Well, Money seems to have a way to change things. I was willing to do anything I could to support my jimmy choo fetish.

I answered the ad and quickly set up the appointment. I went over to to the office of this middle age silver fox. He was handsome and smelled like money. I guess he loved what he saw because he had me try on an array of different outfits. I was going to to be his barbie doll and his sex slut. I would have to drop my panties whenever he would say so; I was willing to supplement him with all the hot ass sex he craved because I was pretty fond of the whole experience.

You haven’t lived if you never had an older guy dominate you!

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