Pay To Play

Age Play Phone SexEverywhere we go people tell me that I have a beautiful family. My girls are two of the most beautiful creatures God has placed on this earth. Their father is white, he and I made gorgeous mixed angels. They both have long curly black hair and big brown eyes. Men look at my angels with lust in their eyes and I take full advantage. For the right price, you can do anything to my girls. I want you to see them spread their tiny legs. Don’t you want to see their tiny plump cunnies? Or if you like, we could make them get on their hands and knees. We’ll tell them to spread their little ass cheeks because I know you want to see those tiny assholes. Give me money and I’ll give you two tiny pornstars. I’ve taught them everything they need to know to please a man and a woman. Yes, they please me, too. When they see my legs spread and I’m not wearing panties, they come to my pussy like a kitten comes to a bowl of milk. Their tiny tongues feel so good licking my clit. They laugh when I squirt all over their faces. Pay me and I’ll make your dreams come true.

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