Panty Boy Shopping

Panty Boy Phone SexI was out today I had given Daddy a great blowjob earlier so I could use his credit card to go panty shopping. I saw this guy there looking at a pile of silk bikini style panties. He was discussing sizes with the sales lady saying he was looking for a gift to give his wife. However when he leaned forward I saw a hot pink lace design showing slightly above his pants. He was getting frustrated with the sales woman, who had no idea he was really shopping for himself. I walked over and pretended to be his friend apologizing for being late. I chased off the sales girl and took the guy by the hand. I asked him a bunch of questions when he acted coy I kept calling his Panty Boy and told him I would keep getting louder if he didn’t cut the crap. I found out he likes cheeky panties. So I found him the sexiest blood red set of cheekies. I found a nice red and black corset to match. He was so grateful for my assistance we exchanged numbers if he needed my help any further.

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