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hot ass sex 

  My best friend Christina and I have been friends since high school, her name used to be Chris . She still has a penis she’s slowly transitioning. I always laugh, mock and shake my head at her. Not because she wants a pussy but because she dresses like a fucking hooker. I had to explain to her being a girl doesn’t mean you dress up in hooker heals, revealing outfits and act like you want to sell your pussy that’s just trash. Why not be a sexy, classy trans gender woman..  I have been telling her this for years, but nothing will change her hard headed ass! She told me she’s going to dress how ever the hell she wants and I cant stop her.

Well last night we drank a little bit, and we have never done anything sexual EVER!! but uhm last night was a little different. We were doing a little run way fashion show trying on each others clothes. What to keep and what to get rid of, cleaning out my closet.  Christina wanted to try my panties on and she was strutting around all cute and I guess because of the drinks I started calling her a little faggot, humiliating her and she started to get more confident the more I talked down to her I cant lie it turned me on a little bit. I had her dance around on her toes like a little ballerina I just kept pouring one glass, and another, and another .. So, she then started to touch all over her body she spanked her own ass and just watching her rub her hands over her small little penis made me wet.. I then started to rub on mine. I had a strap- on up stairs that i used on my ex I ran to my room to grab it. I got back and she was in all fours bent over opening her ass wide, begging me to pound her man- vag . I then realized that I was not only about to fuck my best friend but I was about to open a door that I wouldn’t imagine ever going down. Or even like it for that matter. I strapped up licked that ass hole, poured lube in her gaping ass hole and rubbed my strap- on cock back and forth thinking to myself god damn this is sexy. I started talking dirty telling her she’s a dirty little bitch and to let me fuck that hole any time I wanted. I repeated how she acted like a trick ass skank and that her dick was so small that that’s the reason shes having her privates removed she would never be able to please a man with that small ass Vienna sausage hanging between her legs. She just moaned louder and louder.

I saw that pathetic little teeny thing in high school when us and a group of friends went to our friend Nicole’s pool. We went skinny dipping everyone’s big dicks were flopping all around in the water then you have chris over here limp dick shrimp Schmuck. How sad right? After I got done fucking her I made her walk around in all my dresses and heels with my butt plug in. I just love looking at her walking around with my butt plug shoved in her ass hole. I can’t lie I had a fun night and I would love to experience it again. 

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