Our hands in the sugar bowl

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Trista and I are total babes and we always end up getting exactly what we want. We like fucking men with big cocks and men who know how to please us. Sadly most the times men with big cocks can only provide just that. We have been sugar babies for a while and we have recently scored a billionaire daddy together. We sealed the deal with a live action show just for that man in the suit. We will call our new sugar Daddy john. John has made sure to secure our futures but we have to give him the best service. We definitely did that when we showed him how nasty both Trista and I could get. John was enjoying two whores making each other squirt and show out. Two blonde bombshells ready to cum hard for the benjamins baby. Trista rubbed my wet bald pussy while I sucked on her tits our new Sugar Daddy couldn’t withhold himself and came on the spot. I think we both can get use to this gig.

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