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Hot ass sex  Do you know how hard it is to find a fine ass she male that you can enjoy time with and that both of you like each other equally? . Very hard. Well, I finally found one that I connected with so damn good. I mean best friend , fuck every once in awhile thing. She came into my DM’s and i couldn’t believe it. We made plans to have our nails done, and shop. It started friendly until I told her that she was my fantasy. Well, she picked all my stalkings, panties and some shoes. She told me she wanted to fuck me , and I said I have a sexy strap – on that she would like. We had such a great time. It was some hot ass sex. We both fucked each other, so beautiful . You get the best of both tits and dick. She fucked me in my pussy and ass I had no idea that her dick would get that hard for me. I knew my pussy would soak for her though. Can’t wait to enjoy more time with her.

 If you want more details and interested as much as I am give me a call. We will have some fun.

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