Open Me Up

Babysitter Phone SexI love the way he smells next to my skin when he hugs me, I love the way he looks at me when he’s thrusting his huge girthy cock sausage into my slippery wet steaming hot cunt. I love how he tells me he loves me more than he ever loved his good for nothing ungrateful wife. He soaks my bed while asking me how long can I hold my breath and fuck that sends me into the most intense sensual spirals. I love the way his big beautiful master meat makes me so thirsty for the cream that erupts from it whenever my dick sucking lips take the wheel with no hands. I can’t control myself when I am sucking that delicious steel lollipop I worship his thick juicy jerky until it blows all over my ebony bronze honey glazed tits then he sucks the jizz joy right off my nipples.

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