On the dessert menu

bratty girl phone sexI love bratty girl phone sex I like being a smart ass and making you weak with my sass. I have been indulging in that with my boss. Sometimes we can’t be together because of the nagging wife and ankle biters. My sweet boss made sure to set some time apart for me and took me to my favorite bistro restaurant. I liked having him all to myself for the night. Halfway thru he worked his way under the table and started to rub my pussy I was about to orgasm right there in a jam-packed restaurant. He was loving what he was doing to me. I couldn’t help but follow his lead to one of the secluded empty party room and let him bang me right there. That was his dessert for the night my sweet pussy. I couldn’t believe that just a couple feet away there was a room of busy people. I was enjoying his tongue flicker all through my twat I couldn’t contain myself.


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  1. sean

    spread that cunt open baby

  2. jake

    cody your so hot. mmm

  3. Larry

    I’ve your dessert right here, it’s big and juicy

  4. Micheal

    Your one of those bratty bitches that we all want to fuck.

  5. Perry

    I love a sassy bitch.

  6. Ronald

    You are so beautiful I would do anything for you.

  7. don

    I want your bratty pussy

  8. Billy

    Your so sexy

  9. Hal

    You are daddy’s desert.

  10. Hassan

    a stupid blonde bimbo I must call you. You whores are all fun especially the ones who swallow.

  11. bob

    damn u are so sexy

  12. Max

    Beautiful pussy baby girl

  13. Lamont

    I shot cum across the room because your picture is so hot!

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