Off to college with my brother!

hot phone sex katyI am so excited my brother is going to the same university as I am! I miss being around him, so now that we are going to college together it makes me ecstatic! Now I won’t have to wait for the long visits to kiss him and have his body wrapped around me. The first day on campus I asked him if he needed help unpacking, of course he could never say no to me. I went to his dorm to not only find his room completely unpacked but to find him completely naked on his bed! I couldn’t help but take off my clothes and go jump on that Dickie of his. I put the swollen cock straight up my pussy and rode him into the wall. That is one way to brake in your new home if you ask me. I rode that cock of his, squishing in and out of my pussy while he pulled my nipples towards him. I hurried and hopped off so he could put his dick in between my nice plump tits so he could tittty fuck me  and explode in my face. I loved licking his juices off of my skin this year is going to be an awesome year!

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