Neighbor Seduction

,Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex

A young couple moved into the trailer next to ours. My bedroom window is right across from theirs, but sometimes everyone would forget. They would fuck all day long like rabbits. I listened and my pussy would get so wet. I peek over and watch him pound her pussy. His cock is so huge. It’s long and thick, just the way I liked my lovers’ cocks. She’s so pretty with her dark hair and petite frame. I always left my windows open because her moans would turn me on. I had to figure out way into their bedroom. I wanted them both, husband and wife.
All day long I thought of ways to seduce them. My wet cunt would saturate my panties when I thought about us having threesomes. Excitement rushed through my body when I finally came up with a plan.
Step 1. Seduce her
I became really, really good friends with Kasey. Luckily she wasn’t from around here so she didn’t have any friends. I stepped in and became her best friend. I hung out with them all the time. We’d drink, smoke weed, and party. But behind his back, me and Kasey flirted with each other. She’s one of those women that really love having their tits sucked. Her breasts are full with really huge pink areolas. She likes the way I tugged on her nipples with my teeth. Whenever she had the trailer to herself she called me over and we’d sucked on each others’ cunts. Kasey was blossoming into a good rug muncher.Teen Phone Sex Step 2. Break the ice.
There isn’t anything better than ecstasy when you want to break the ice between a group of people. I bought the pills and knocked on their trailer door on a Saturday morning. Daddy took my brothers fishing so no one would notice that I was missing. We popped those pills and lustful feelings became the fourth member of our party. Kasey and I ended up kissing in the bathroom. She was trying so hard to hide her craving for girl-on-girl action. But Jackson wasn’t a dummy, he could see the lust between me and his wife. He burst into the bathroom and pulled me into an embrace. He abruptly lifted my shirt and revealed that I wasn’t wearing a bra. Kasey saw my bare tits and dove in to suck on my hard nipples. The ecstasy heightened every sensation to the 10th power. We ran to their bedroom and together they pulled my clothes off. Then took turns eating my pussy. Jackson kept giving Kasey a look that wanted to feel my tight cunt around his cock, but he needed her reassurance that it was o.k.. She knew her husband and she knew what he wanted. She grasped his cock and put him inside me. He pumped my pussy fast and hard. It felt so good to him, and a tear slid from his face onto mine. Kasey saw the tear and Jealously finally arrived. She angrily sat on my face and smothered me with her cunt. I licked her pussy so good that she eventually forgot why she was mad. I think the new neighbors and me are going to be great friends.

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