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I like when the school year begins I usually come back from months of partying and hooking up. I like to see which professor will fall into my trap next. I enjoy being the center of attention and being able to cause trouble. This year my eye is on my sociology professor. I see that he has a wandering eye and all though he is married he can’t help but check out all the girls on campus. I get him right where I want him. After we have a moment alone I notice he is leaning against me and is searching for clues and signs. My naughty pervy professor is trying to see if I give him the green light. I make him think I was his cock then I turn him away. I get him in a weak spot and I have a year full making him my bitch. I pass with flying colors and don’t have to study one bit. Instead I spend my school nights getting dicked down by guys that actually make my twat wet.

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