Naughty Nurse

              age play phone sex  Let me help you get better I will check your temp to make sure you arent too cold let me see.. Oh no you are absolutely freezing let me help you raise that temp up for you baby. I tug gently at the bed sheets exposing patient zeros slightly erect penis a small smile tugs at my lips as i walk over to the door making sure it is locked would not want anyone to walk in unannounced. I giggle a little as your eyes widen in slightly confusion as I unbutton my top my perky tits bouncing slightly as I straddle you. Dont you want me to help you get warmer love. Licking my lips I push my panties to the side with a slightly smile curving at my lips I rub my wet pussy against his erect cock. You like that dont you big boy haha.. Well let us see what else i can do for you..

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