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I found Zetta on our site and I just had to try her out. We set something up. She was going to let me control her for a while. She was more than willing to be my slave. I told her I wanted her to show up at my house in nothing but a apron, and something that showed of her tiny tits. I was impressed with her choice of outfit. She did well. I had her start off by cleaning my kitchen, On her hands and knees scrubbing my floors.

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She did my laundry and sniffed my dirty panties. She even sucked on a few pairs. I had her shower me, shave my pussy and while she shaved me she even finger fucked my cunt. She had been such a good slave all day I gave her a yummy treat. She got to eat my pussy.  Which quickly tuned to her sticking her thick cock deep into my ass. Fuck This tranny whore knew how to fuck!!

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