Naughty list

I have been on the naughty list this year. I have caused some chaos everywhere I have went. It started out early last year when I got a crush on my daddies best friend. He was trying to resist me but he couldn’t resist me for long. It was inevitable he would eventually cave. He loved my young bald pussy and jumping when ever I said jump. I broke his heart and his wallet early last year because I was getting sick of his pathetic wife and he would always try to make it up to me with gifts. A couple months later I fell for a boss and I loved his hard dick but he got too attached and I had to nip that in the bud real quick. It was fun while it lasted but I get bored easily. I never learn from my mistake because I’m currently breaking my boss right now, he’s breaking like a little bitch. I love using him and making him pay for not being on my schedule. Love giving blue balls and breaking marriages, I start of sweet and like a fantasy come true, but once you mess up I break your balls and heart. I love having a guy beg me to give in to his games. I love having you all hot and bothered and cumming and not letting you have your just because I want to get even. You can say I have been a very bad girl this year Santayoung bald pussy.

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