Naughty getaway with daddy

cum shots on titsI have been doing so good in school. I have kept my GPA high.

Daddy is so proud of me for being a good girl. Daddy decided it was about time we spent some more time together.

We went away to a little vacation without mommy of course. I loved having daddy all to myself. Daddy took tons of pictures of me, and we were able to stay completely nude since it was a bare resort. I love being daddies, special princess. I liked having all his attention without having mommy disrupt us. Daddy couldn’t keep his cock to himself. I loved fucking daddy on the beach. Sex on the beach is just about the best thing ever too. I liked getting daddies cum shots on tits and ass also. I could see how desperately daddy needed my wet cunt so I was happy I could make him satisfied too. I liked watching as daddy thrust his cock into me and how we were able to fuck for hours on end. I made sure daddy had a blast because I was having a blast soaking the sun and soaking his big daddy cock inside me. My cunny was so sore after from all the fucking we did. I didn’t care; I just wanted more and more of daddy. My mouth and ass got a lot of love from daddy too.

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