Naughty BabySitter- Two

Young bald pussyI’m sure my moans may have been echoing a bit throughout the house when he came in. My Young Bald Pussy was already dripping when he walked into the room. A good pool of juices formed beneath me on the sheets as I kept going. I could feel myself getting close, I didn’t want to stop even after being busted. All I could do was grin at him and keep going, he shut the door behind him. Undoing his belt and stripping down his pants and underwear he approached me. Grabbing a fist full of my hair and forcing me off the bed onto my knees. He forced his cock down my throat, while my hands were still finger fucking my tiny pussy. He started thrusting harder holding my head in place. Making me choke and gag, his cock throbbing as he ejaculated his cum into my mouth and throat continuing to face fuck me so I was choking and drowning in his cum. I could feel myself cumming as I rubbed harder on my clit reaching my reward for my efforts.

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