Naudia Needs New Slaves

I am such an ass fucking fetishist! Yes, you heard me. I get off on the wildest, sickest, most twisted shit possible. I am into BDSM one hundred percent . . . but only as a Domme. I love the idea of having minions kneeling to me in absolute worship of my beauty and power. Some of the things I enjoy are financial domination, ass to mouth, body worship, and of course anything extreme. I am not too shy to admit that I like the idea of a man putting his balls on the counter and smashing them with a heavy textbook. Also, it intrigues me to think about the possibility of having a man feminized and forced into bisexuality. God. I get so wet just thinking about the ass fucking potential of expanding my stable of human pets, and fulfilling my dream of perfect slave ownership.


Written by Fuckalicious Freak Naudia
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