My Seductive Secret

I want to share my secret with you. I am obsessed with tasting, smelling and rubbing my feet. I like it when a man watches me, even record me doing all of these things. I will have men come into my office if I think the guy is nervous and not going to loosen up anytime soon. I will get fully naked, sit back on my couch, take one foot in my mouth and start sucking on my toes.Hot ass sex I don’t care if he is into feet or not, I want to show the man it is ok to open up and he doesn’t have to feel ashamed. The men always loosen up after I do this. I was thinking about doing this in all of my sessions, maybe I could even do it for the men with the same sort of fetish. Letting them see a sexy naked woman getting really wet by sucking her own toes. I have had a couple of men walk up and lick the cum dripping from my pussy. This is just another reason why I love what I do. I also love thinking of new freaky ideas. I will never stop doing this.

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