My Raise

Yesterday I was running late for work. I get there an hour late. My fucking boss was all over my ass, pulled me into one of the rooms to give me my performance appraisal.  First he said I have been doing great but I needed to prove my development in a few areas. My daughters watched with excitement as he walked over to me pulled up my shirt and starting playing with my nipples.  His hands fondled them and groped them like he was feeling the ripeness of a melon. His hands eagerly moved down my body grabbing my hips and pulling them to his groin. He pushes me to my knees and demanded me to be beg about keeping my job and if I didn’t do what he expected of me he was going to whore out my little girls. I pleaded to only focus on me but his insistence, drove my desires. The urge to taste cum overwhelmed me and I start fondling my tits and push my panties aside and slide a finger it my dripping wet pussy. He demands I take a hold of his cock, I do as I’m told. I start sucking his big 10inch cock and start deep throating it, he rams in my mouth. I gagged because of how deep it went. My little girls sat back absorbing mommy’s techniques thinking how they could improve. My boss watched them gazing at me and pushed me away and demands that they come over and finish the job. Oh boy did they, it didn’t take much for my girls licking and stroking him that he shot his load all over their faces. They laughed and giggled at the excitement they caused him and took their fingers to clean their face.  After my boss composed himself he walked over and slapped my ass and said good job, you got your raise.

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