My Party Pig

cum slut dixieHe is a meth head like no ones business. It is such a waist because he has such a big cock and he isn’t that bad to look at. But he starts first thing in the morning and just keeps getting higher and higher till he is incoherent and can’t even cum. His cock rock hard not for hours but for days. I love having him over when he is on a binge because not only does he share but I have some big black cocked friends that sell the shit. I invite them over and he will suck the skin off their dicks for a fix. If he is really good they throw me a little cocaine for hooking them up with the Pig. They make him oink and beg fro their huge anaconda cocks. I have never seen him actually take one in the ass, but he can deep throat for dope better then I do. And I sure as hell don’t mind him earning candy for me while I sit back and watch. When he is done swallowing all of the loads he can I get his dope ready for him. He scratches my back and I scratch his. The icing on the cake is when he is so stoned he can’t cum and he sucks my pussy waiting for the next dealer with a big cock to show up.

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