My Little Girls Playing Doctor

Young bald pussyI was walking by my little girls’ room when I heard some giggling. I could help but to stop and peek in through the door. My little girls were playing doctor. My middle daughter had on an open lab coat and a pair of pink panties. She had the stethoscope in her ears listening to her little sister’s heart. My little baby girl was sitting there totally naked. She told her sister that she did not feel good. Her sister said oh no, where do you not feel good. My baby girl said that her cunny was hot and tingly and needed special kisses in order for her to feel better. My middle daughter told her to lay back and spread her legs. She then started rubbing on her baby sister’s clit with a finger. She asks her if this is where she needs treatment. My baby girl giggled and said oh yes doctor. My middle daughter then started kissing all over my baby girl’s young bald pussy. She spread her little sister’s pouty pussy lips and start licking on her little cunny. She was sucking on her little sister’s clit and finger fucking her pussy. My baby girl let out a loud moan and said oh doctor thank you so much for fixing my cunny. They both just giggled. Seeing all of that made my mommy cunt soaking wet. I couldn’t help but to knock on the door and let them know that I wanted to be the next patient.

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