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Oh, my lover, I need you to fuck me so bad I need you to give me all of you I miss you so much. My sweet darling if you could be here right now you would make me more than happy I would be ecstatic. I wish you could see how much I really need you I wish you knew how much you really mean to me baby I need your love in my life all of the time. If you knew that I was your true love would you always be here by my side I’m so in love with you and everything you say and do? You’re the only man like yourself there is no other in this world you mean so much to me and, I just want you to know. You will be my special lover I want to lay in the sun with you we can go anywhere and do anything as long as I’m with you I’m satisfied. I love you more than you will ever understand you bring joy and peace to my heart. All the other guy they are so fucking torn apart and distracted they call me names while you lift me up. The other guys they break me down they tell me apart but you-you put me back together You Are My Sunshine in Stormy Weather. I just want you to know for the record I know how important you are you’re everything to me and you make me feel like a star. I know that sometimes I’m over the top but believe me you are my prince you’re my knight in shining armor I want to be the princess you say I love you more I want you to know you don’t go unappreciated I love you so much I truly love you so much. You know who you are this letter is for you I want you to feel it straight from my heart you are so important I always love talking to you.

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