My friends boyfriend

hot ass sex

A girl sometimes just wants to fuck. I was bored and decided to hit up some of those hookup apps. To my surprise I just spent hours on end trying to talk myself out of it. Sometimes the vagina wins and there’s nothing you can do especially when you have cravings for some hot ass sex. I got matched to this guy and he came over right away. It took a couple seconds to realize that this guy coming over was actually one of my friends boyfriends. I was stuck in a place of wanting to get laid and trying to be a good friend. Unfortunately I had to betray my friend and I just needed to fuck her new boyfriend. It sucks that I knew, and he had no idea because we had never met, but I have seen plenty pictures. My friend was already deep in lust with this one. She probably showed me so many pictures I should have been able to swipe left immediately. It’s too bad, and my pussy just wanted his big rod, and I got his big dick at my service. How can I turn down good cock?

Now every time I see him, he looks down and gets nervous that I’m going to tell. I whisper in his ear and let him know he’s safe. I think about him just bending me over and giving me his dick everytime we cross paths. Sorry, not sorry because well sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do to get fucked even if it means betraying someone.



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