My Big Bros Have Very Big Dicks

Brother Sister Phone SexAfter Daddy passed out drunk with his cock in my mouth, my brothers decided that it was their turn to have some fun with me. Daddy usually doesn’t allow them to fuck me, he doesn’t like to share. But on rare occasions, he does like for me and my siblings to put on a live porn show. He should never have forced my brothers to fuck me, because once they had a taste they were hooked on my tight cunt. They pulled me away from Daddy’s limp cock and carried me into their room. On my hands and knees, I took one brother in my mouth and the other brother in my pussy. It felt good being fucked by my sexy brothers. I love having their hands all over me. I’m a good little sister because I allow them to do anything they want and I always swallow. Daddy was so drunk he didn’t hear our moans of pleasure. I love my big brothers and their big cocks.

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