Movie Magic

Age Play Phone Sex AlleyMy daddy takes me to the movies cause I am his sweet baby girl. It was the dollar theatre so we were usually all alone and daddy could play with me. He’d make me wear a skirt or dress with no panties so he could get to my pussy easier. He had me spread my legs wide open for him and then he slid his fingers inside me one by one until he had 3 in and then he pulled them in and out of my pussy rubbing my little clit. He whispered in my ear how much of a “good girl” I was and asked if I liked the movie. I said yes and closed my eyes again because daddy knew how to make me feel good. He went quicker, finger fucking my little pussy until I let out a high pitched yelp and my cum ran down his hand past his wrist. Daddy pulled his hand up from under my skirt and sucked his fingers clean. I guess I taste better than the popcorn.

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