Edge Play Seductress Monika

The name of the game is Edge Play or maybe tonight I will be an even bigger tease and deny you that final release. I am the dealer and I ALWAYS hold the winning hand. Teasing is an art form and I am the Picasso of cock. My sensual voice will paint an erotic portrait that you will have no choice but to succumb to.

The only rule to our little game is that you MUST follow my instructions. Sure, you may know how to jack your cock, but you have had that experience a billion times before in your lifetime. This is about having a different, creative, and explosive orgasm that only I can help you achieve. I won’t lie; the journey to that orgasm is going to be sweet torture! Your balls will be screaming for release for what will seem like a millennium before I finally decide to let you enjoy that sweet release … or maybe not … it depends on my mood.

I hope you have excellent orgasm control because I am going to tease you to limits your dick may not be able to recover from. By the time I finally let your blow your wad, your sperm will feel like its escaping from Alcatraz. You will be breathless, exhausted, and feel as though your balls scaled fences and dodged bullets.

So, get your lube ready and get EXTRA comfy. Be prepared for the perfect session of guided masturbation that will take you on a journey to the perfect orgasmic explosion. This will be like no other phone sex experience you’ve ever had before.

Happily draining your balls dry,

~ Monika ~

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