Mommy/Daughter time with the Boss.




We were told to be on the bed and waiting for a client. We left the door unlocked and Boss finally arrived. He walked into the bedroom and gave us both a big smile. He slowly stripped down and let us see him naked. His big cock was dangling there between his legs. God, I wanted him so badly.

Boss walked over to the bed. He pulled my oldest, Sabrina, to the edge of the bed. He stroked his cock a few times. To be honest, he was plenty hard after he saw both of us naked. He lifted Sabrina’s little legs up and rested his huge prick right on her small pink hairless folds. He slid into my daughter with one swift push.

Sabrina started to cry out. I knew how it felt to have a huge dick enter my pussy at the age of twelve. He began to fuck Sabrina with hard, deep strokes. Boss somehow had the entire length of his monster prick in my daughter’s belly. He was ramming her with everything he had. I watched him in awe. I knew my turn would be coming soon.

Boss must have fucked Sabrina a good half hour. The whole time Sabrina was screaming for Boss to fuck her, she told him she had to have his cum. Boss gave Sabrina her wish. He arched his back and drove his prick in all the way. Boss held his cock in Sabrina and exploded inside her young pussy.

Boss was like a bull in heat. I could almost feel him myself. He came in my daughter a good ten minutes until he finally pulled his stiff pole out. His cock was dripping with love juices. I looked at Sabrina and she looked spent. Cum was dripping from her opening and she was on her back shaking like a leaf.

I didn’t think that Boss could have anything left, but I was so wrong. He pulled me to the edge of the bed. I looked down and saw his mushroom coated with his white cum leaking from the tip. He did the same thing as before. He slid his cock into my pussy and entered me.

God, I loved how thick he was. I wanted everything he had in him. Boss took me slow at first. He was bringing me to a slow boil. Boss went deeper and deeper until his entire length was resting in me.

He started to go faster. I could feel his big sacs hitting my ass after ever stroke. He was also hitting my g-spot and it was driving me nuts. I knew I was going to have a big orgasm very soon. Boss must have sensed this.

“Cum with me Demi!” he shouted out loud.

I couldn’t control myself one second longer. We came together. I don’t how he did it, but Boss still had plenty of cum to give me. I felt his stream of cream filling my belly. I went off and squeezed his thick dick with my pussy muscles. I wanted every drop of loving he had left in him.

Boss kept filling me with cock until I thought I was close to passing out. Eventually he got soft and I felt him sliding out of my raw pussy. Sabrina and I were in the identical positions. His love sauce was dripping out and running down our ass cracks.Milf phone sex Demi

Boss just smiled and went over to a chair in the room and sat down.

“Sabrina, I want you to go down on your Mom, lick all my cum out.” He ordered.

Sabrina got up and spread my legs apart. She knelt on the bed and lowered her mouth. I felt my daughter’s tongue start to lap at my folds. It sent a shiver down my spine. Sabrina’s tongue went up and down my opening. I felt the tip of her tongue hitting my swollen clit as well. I did the only thing I could do. I put my hands on the back of her head and urged her to lick me.

I knew my daughter and I were lost now. Boss had us doing exactly what he wanted. I felt like a total slut. My body was on fire from Sabrina’s tongue. I felt her slide the tip inside my folds. That’s all it took. I started cumming like mad.

I rarely ever squirt, but this was one of those times. I was so turned on from my daughter licking my pussy I just started to spray her face. There were juices all over the both of us. My body felt out of control.

Sabrina pulled away from my pussy and she was now on top of me. I guess we did what was natural. We started to kiss each other. I could taste my juices and Boss’s cum on my daughter’s mouth. What can I say, I got so excited. Looking over at Boss, he was stroking his cock and was erect again. What had I created?

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