Meet The Candy

adult phone chat alanzaI was listening to the radio last week and heard an advertisement for clinical trials to start at our local hospital. They needed volunteers for a study into a treatment for Erectile Dysfunction.
Of course being the naughty little slut that I am I knew instantly that I was going to put the “Candy” in Candy Striper and hit the ward as soon as the study began.
My little nurse outfit is just a bit better then the ones of the staff and I believe will achieve much better results in the treatment of ED. I can’t wait to see the response I get from my first patient. He is going to get far more then a sponge bath or a pill.
I am about to take a hands on, no medication, one on one approach with each and every gentleman participating in this study.
If I can’t make your dick hard boys, you might as well cut and tuck that shit because you are a cunt!

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