Mature Is Better

Big tit phone sexI love meeting younger guys. They are all so eager to get me to the bedroom and they all swear that they will have me chasing their cocks after it is over. They rarely realize the skills I have acquired. Like the little trick I do with my tongue of the tip of their cocks that I have mastered over the years. Or how I squeeze the head of their dick with my pussy as they stroke, it makes their loads shoot all over the place. I’ve been sitting this round plump ass on guy’s faces and cocks for years so it will take more than youth and energy to tame me. They do have better stamina then men my age but they all still tap out from the way I bounce this ass up and down on their cocks. It makes me even hornier knowing that I am making them cum so quickly and frequently. I am rubbing my pussy now just thinking about it. These guys think I’m just your average cougar, but I am far more fierce than that and the way that I tame those cocks is the proof.

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