Married men phone sex

 I have a problem with picking men up that just so happen to be married. It’s a challenge but it is also very scary at the same time. They either fall in love, leave you randomly with no explanation, or their wife gets involved. Yes, it has happened this way to me every time. Like, Cant I just get a good few fucks in with no damn issues? Young men don’t make me wet enough I guess I just have a thing for married men. Home wrecker ? Well Yes you can call me that. The other night I met a man in a bar and he seemed perfect, sex was great. I just met him and he lasted long enough and fucked my pussy while he finger fucked my tight ass hole. You cant always find that where the man does an amazing job. Well , anyways seemed like a perfect thing until he told me after our great night that he was working things out with his wife.. Like, okay dude. Fine I got a great fuck in but when am I going to find a fuck buddy that good that can come over twice a week the days I don’t have someone like you to talk dirty to me.. Get me? I just cant help that I love chasing what I cant have.. But, I do enjoy other things call me to find out what my young pussy likes.

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