Making Him My Toilet Bitch

Toilet Slave Phone SexI did something that surprised me that I wanted to share. I had to work late the other night so I was already in a pretty foul mood. On top of that I had the task of training up one of the new Summer interns. He’s a young freshman in college and had been absolutely arrogant all day long. I attempted my best efforts to maintain my composure. I was getting up to excuse myself to the restroom. Then he started complaining that women pee to much and that he was stuck at work cause I wasn’t fast enough at my job. I snapped I grabbed him by his ear and dragged him down the hall into the bathroom with me. I locked the door behind us and demanded him onto his knees. I pulled up my skirt, and took off my panties. I grabbed the back of his head and tilted it back forcing his mouth open as I put my pussy right on top of it. He moaned as I started pissing into his mouth, his tongue licking my clit not once fighting. I continuing holding his face to my cunt until he made me cum then I finally let go of his head. I stepped back looking at him his shirt wet from my piss, he was breathing heavy but the bulge in his pants was obvious. I smirked. “Keep complaining if you like being a toilet slave” I left with that feeling relieved and refreshed.

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