Looking For Cunts To Breed

Breeding Phone SexI am not into cunts at all. But I want a little Me. So My sissy bitch boi and I went on the prowl looking for a cunts to breed with. We went to the local bar where My sissy bitch boi acting as decoy was flirting with the cunts I picked out for him to flirt with. See it will be hard to get cunts to breed with a tranny. So I use My sissy bitch boi to lure the cunts to My home. I make sure My bitch boi gets them nice a drunk and they think there gonna have fuck My sissy bitch boi.  Once inside My bitch  boi gets the cunts stripped and  to the bedroom.  That is where I come in and force Myself on these cunts.  The cunts try to fight but I always win.  And I have My bitch boi helping Me hold the cunts down.  As I seed them making them pregnant with My little one.  I do this every couple of months or so.  The only thing cunts are good for are for breeding.

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