Little Dicky is so Icky But I will Fix Him

Cuckolding Phone Sex


Little Dicky is so icky he likes to shit on my titties. I can’t stand his behavior, but I love the way he makes me cum. Little Dicky is my neighbor, his little bitty Peter it really is about two or three inches, and I swear to God it is. Little Dicky has the biggest crush on me too, I mean it drives me wild when I come outside and my yoga pants. I love to tease Little Dicky, and that’s why I water my garden wearing no panties and tight little shorts or a little bitty skirt that drives little Dicky insane. I’m on my patio writing this blog right now, I’m wearing a sheer pink bathing suit, and my body is oiled up like a wet cock when it’s ready to stroke in a beautiful tight asshole. I can see Little Dicky looking at me thirsting for my hot wet cunt. I understand the drool foaming and falling from his lips. I have got him right where I want him, and I’m about to punish that little dick of his by fucking my mailman right in his tiny cock face. Mean is the way to go when you’re dealing with a bottom-feeding little cock twat like Little Dicky. Are you a little dick fucker too, because if you are, I’ve got something for you peasant.

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