Devourer of souls Lilith

I have two things in this world I treasure above all. Seducing men and preying on the innocent. Call me a succubus if you will, I am the personification of sexuality and will leave your bed soaked with wet dreams. I’ll suck you up and there won’t be a damn thing you can do about it. Try to cover your willy with a cross and I’ll just laugh at you and take my prize between these blood stained lips and suck your essence from you. I’ll bring you to the edge each time then pull back and start you on my wicked ride all over again.

I know the power I have over men. I know that no matter how “good” you claim to be, I will have you thinking perverted nasty fucking thoughts. You will cringe in shame as you think about that evil seed I planted in your head. No of course you didn’t want to do that. You would never if I hadn’t made you. But we both know your P-cock just about gushed a fucking lake when I tangled my evil web. Seducing is an art and I am damn good at it. The lakes of cum I could conjure with the cum I have drained from willing and unwilling could flood the world.

I am the bringer of sin. I crave sweet, young, succulent, tender flesh and that sweet thick nectar that flows forth from them when you carve into their delicate skin. These tasty morsels, I have so many. You can enjoy them with me. Before it’s all over you’ll be wondering how I turned you into a perverted filthy fuck so fast and how I so easily devoured your soul.

The mother of all evil and devourer of souls

  • Snuff Phone Sex
  • Torture Phone Sex
  • Violent Phone Sex
  • Butcher Phone Sex
  • Gothic Phone Sex

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