Let Me Be Your Queen

Shemale Phone SexWhen I’m walking around my city men stop and stare because I’m so fucking hot. They have no idea that I have a cock between my legs. I’m very selective of who I tell about my dick. I need a man to worship me and treat me like a goddess. I need a man that will drop to his knees, pull my panties down, and wrap his lips around my cock. I need a man to always look up into my eyes as he tries to suck the skin off my dick. Then I want him to bend me over and fuck my tight boy pussy. I want him to be rough with me, I can take it. He has to pound me from behind, hold my waist as he pummels me with his hard dick. And if he makes me scream from intense pleasure, I’ll return the favor. Can you picture me on my knees stroking your cock into my mouth? I want you so deep into my mouth that your balls slap against my chin. But the best part is me bending you over and fucking your tight asshole. Allow me to be your queen and I’ll make you my king.

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