Let it Snow!

Hot Ass SexSo I had this guy pay so much fucking powder to fuck my little sluts, it was amazing! I was scooping spoonfuls while he fucked her tight pussy. I love to watch while snorting the shit and he was just ramming his fat cock into her tiny body. I could believe the way he made her scream and I was like a coach on the sidelines shouting orders. “Give it to her harder! Faster! She wants more of your fucking rod inside of her! I want to see it poking through her belly!” and every sick fantasy I could come up with he would obey. He was gripping her tiny tits like a stress ball, pulling her hair, rubbing her smooth cunt as hard as he could while fucking her mercilessly. That bed was rattling up an earthquake under her snatch. I could see the cum dripping from the little one’s pussy as he finished which got me cumming over and over. 

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