Lake Fun

bisexual phone sexI met this guy the other day that had a girl friend on my cousins boat. We well went out on the lake and had a great time. I met them and they were already off the bat flirty with me especially the girl. She kept telling me how her and her boyfriend are swingers and all I could do was smile because they were both just so attractive. She had nice big tits but fit her thick body so well, long tan legs, they both had white beautiful teeth, after we tubed, drank some beers we got back to land they invited me to their house. They made diner and had some liquor and we all took showers and I got in bed with them and we played all night. He had us girls fucking each other first, asses up in the air and let me tell you he could multitask like a mother fucker. I was pleased and had such a great time.

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