Just Another Stranger- 1

Cheating Phone SexMy boyfriend insisted that we spend the holiday weekend together. He booked us a place at this gorgeous resort and ordered the best room service. It was fun we had a few laughs but ultimately I was left not quite satisfied by the end of each night. I can’t help but think of him as pathetic when he lays next to me so proud thinking he has it all. So last night I waited for him to drift off to sleep and made my way down to the bar. There were plenty of single men alone drinking but I choose careful. I approached a man at the counter who looked very confident who wasn’t constantly looking around for a conquest. He was older but that’s not really a problem in my experience. I sat down next to him and got right to the point. I told him my name and that I didn’t really want to talk, I just wanted a quick fuck to complete my night. He smiled and handed me his room key, instructing he would be up in 10. I went up and waited for him, I smiled when I realized his room was right next to ours. I went ahead and removed my clothes and laid comfortably in the bed waiting to hear the door when it clicked open.

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