Jungle Fever After A SLutty 3Sum

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That Black dick was my chocolate dessert after my slutty threesome last night. I remembered the taste of her sweet twat as I sucked her off his white candy stick. But my mind kept going back to the handjob I gave the Nigro doorman this morning. This white dick wouldn’t be anything like that man meat of a black cock being shoved down my throat. My ass began to throb as I went down on white dick s wifey thinking how to have that cock in my ass and mouth. I bet Negro doorman cock would rip me apart. My mind wondered but I enjoyed fucking my hot swinger couple from ass to mouth between each other till I came four times. I do get my cum and aim to please. Ass soon as they left I was running downstairs to get me some big anaconda dick! I hid behind the front entry gulping that dick down deep inside my throat. I left with promises of a knock in the early am after black cock got off duty… Black Cock? Ha, I never even got his name, I love newbies!


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