Johnny’s Poem

mommy phone sex melindaThis is Johnny’s chosen path

To be passed around while others laugh

Waiting for a special treat

That he really loves to eat

Pussy juice and M&M’s

Makes him want to cum again

Johnny is a special boy

That brings his mama so much joy

He knows just how to make her smile

Fondling him all the while

Mommy loves her little boy

And playing with his little toy

She shares him with all her friends

Letting them play pretend

They love to pass him to and fro

Laughing at him as they go

He wants to make his mama proud

So he plays to the crowd

Sometimes they are rough

But he never says “Enough”

He gives and gives with all his might

Deep into the darkest night

The only thing that he sees

Is mama smiling on her knees

Cheering on her submissive son

While her friends have their fun

Then she locks his dick away

So it can play anther day

He knows that he is mamas boy

And her friends fuck toy





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